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– Laars® Heating Systems, the leading boiler and water heater manufacturer for both residential and commercial heating applications, has announced the release of the Laars® MagnaTherm® FT, a new commercial firetube boiler that deploys solution-based design innovation and advanced control technology to perform optimally under variable conditions and offers exceptional efficiency and reliability.

The Laars® MagnaTherm® FT commercial firetube condensing boiler’s performance-enhancing features include: • The Laars® Tru Trac™ O2 trim control system: The Laars® Tru Trac™ O2 system actively manages air-to-fuel ratios to maintain ideal combustion across the boiler’s entire 20:1 turndown range, resulting in efficient and stable operation under variable conditions. • Laars Linc® control system: The Laars Linc® intuitive control system offers an easy-to-navigate control structure and a large color touch screen that displays key performance measures. The system includes a quick-start configurator, auto cascade for up to eight units and intelligent boiler redundancy. • Laars® CF-Tech™ firetube heat exchanger: Laars® CF-Tech™-designed contoured flue tubes distribute heat evenly and maximize heat transfer, which increases efficiency and extends the life of the heat exchanger. The Laars® MagnaTherm® FT is available in four sizes from 1,000 to 3,000 MBH. For more information, visit

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